TNU-Series Icenugget Machines

Icenugget - No ice, no cocktail!

Granular ice flakes with low water content. Easy to store, place and weigh

Nugget ice has the combined features of being compact but chewable. It’s the ideal ice for cocktails. It’s easy to measure like flake ice but it’s much less wet.

The range consists of four models with different capacity and size of cube. All models must be combined with separate storage.


The nugget is created by a vertical cylindrical evaporator, equipped with a screw conveyor that scrapes the ice from the inner surface of the evaporator, bringing it up to the extruder, which creates the ice compressed in the shape of cylinder.


Ice nuggets have the combined characteristic of being compact but chewy. Ideal for creating cocktails in which crushed ice is used It's as easy to use as granular ice, but is much less humid.

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